Silas Helm
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Promotion Design

Promotion Design


It all started when...

Colony House was coming to play a show at Wheaton College. As the Advertising Manager, it was my job to create compelling content for the concert. With only four press photos to go off of, I had to create ample content to maximize awareness. Colony House is a young, big energy band. The hope with the content was to draw the young, hip, concert-going crowd of the school.

Since many students on campus had never heard of the band before, the goal of this campaign was to create a “brand” that would allure students based on the aesthetic of the visual content leading up to the show.  

Rather than creating one specific poster I create an "aesthetic blast". Rich in variety, the content conveyed a holistic representation of the band and their sound. The concert was highly attended, and created buzz about the artists long after their show ended.