To bring the posters to life in a next-level, relevant way. We turned the posters into mesmerizing, kaleidoscope-inspired animations. The way to launch the animation was exclusively through AR. If you point your phone at the posters, this video will play.

Ogilvy // Joffrey ballet, chicago

The Joffrey Ballet, a world-class, Chicago-based dance company, has always been at the forefront of innovation, with their unwavering commitment to artistic excellence performing both classical and cutting-edge works. Every aspect of the posters is meant to convey movement. The inks were printed with UV printing onto #122 Plike White Cover paper so it’s raised up off the paper rather than absorbed into it, so light is reflected and literally dances off it. The blue ink chosen is Klein blue, which like Joffrey Ballet performances is nearly impossible to capture and recreate. And the copy was crafted to flow forwards and backwards, again suggesting never-ending movement.

To take it a step further, we created custom AR videos. The videos launched when you hold your phone up to the poster, bringing the posters to life in a new and unexpected way. 

Awards: Communication Arts – Award of Excellence, Design