Silas Helm


London: Friends Edition

I didn’t realize how much I love London until this weekend. On Thursday night two of my friends, Lauren and Olivia, visited me. Lauren is studying in Sevilla, Spain. Olivia is also studying abroad for the semester, in Berlin. The three of us got to spend time roaming through London; it was a blast. If you gave us a list of top things to do in London, the three of us could probably cross everything off of the list and then add a few of our own suggestions. The weekend was packed with adventure, and we loved every second. Up until this point, living in London has seemed very regular. I’ve found that life has a tendency to reveal itself incrementally. Thankfully, I have been able to adjust to my new life pretty easily. Gaining exposure to London over a few weeks, I didn’t have a full picture of what London looks like. Experiencing London day in and day out, things seemed pretty normal. But, showing someone around changes everything.

As I began to make a list of things to do in London, I was reminded that London is full. There are so many areas, activities, and events that are valuable and worthwhile. I guess that in the regularity of exposure, I never got to appreciate the richness of London. While the expression could be transferred to the horrible toll this city takes on my wallet, I’m mainly referring to London’s ability to fill itself to the brim with opportunity. We got to see a variety of things: highly iconic places like Oxford Circus, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square to more up-and-coming things like the Shoreditch area (trendy restaurants and street art) and the Sky Garden at night. We even got to go to the Chinese New Year festival! Packing my understanding on London thus far into a few days has let me appreciate all the experiences I’ve had.

I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had here, the people I’ve been able to share it with, and the opportunities for growth and perspective through adventure! 

Silas Helm