Silas Helm


Welcome to London

For those of you who don't know, I'm studying Media Communications at CIEE's Global Institute in London for the semester. It's quite the adventure. Everyone in my program is a study abroad student. The program hires outside professors ("lecturers", here) to teach our courses. So far it has been fun to get to know a new group of people, as well as explore a new city. 

I didn't expect to like London. Chicago has my heart and I thought that adjusting to another big city would be rather difficult. Yet, the cultural variances have minimized unhealthy (potentially competitive) comparison. Instead of thinking about Chicago as I walk the streets of London, I have begun to appreciate the differences between the two places. I can't wait to continue to explore this rather explosive city!

My Indian food intake has skyrocketed. I've had it nearly every day. London's diversity is striking.   Nothing is more fun than passing fashionable people speaking unknown languages and remembering that we live in the same city. Also, Chicago's public transport system is tragic compared to London's. The web of connections between bus stops and the underground is expansive and wonderfully convenient. 

So far, my favorite thing about London is the little streets. As it was populated far before the grid system was invented, London consists of large roads connected by lanes and small streets. To me, there's nothing more alluring than traveling down a beveled stone road, unable to see the end. Curving around the bend, little shops come into view. I don't think it'll ever get old. 

 The streets that never grow old.
 My inner photographer had to document the pattern and repetition.
Silas Helm